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 As is fairly obvious,...... We designed (with enormous help from my wife) the house and landscaping (shown on this website), and drew up the plans myself (which is fairly obvious...ha!), although it may become clear that some changes were made as we progressed, so the final project may differ slightly from the plans shown here or other places.....maybe, more than slightly in some areas (but follow the photos for accuracy).....and make sure you familiarise yourself with the 'PLANS USED' page below (nearing the bottom of the Navigation list)

If you are in doubt, simply follow the photographs of the continuing project and all will become clear to you.....or contact me (i may be able to help you, if I havent forgotten ....ha!!)

On this website, particularly on this page, you will find the basic plans that we will use, to help complete the project, and give you an idea of the project you will be invoved in, but you will also find these same and other plans dispersed throughout the website also, (and in more detail) fact.....the 'plans used' page will provide all the plans you will need for this project

As i have just mentioned.....If in doubt, you can also present these plans and the discrepancies in the photos to a draughtsman (or a person who can draw up your altered plans), and present again, the amended plans (like i did, to the council or building inspectors)....this is not expensive......(or even have a go at drawing them up yourself, like i did.....the ammended plans as well)......simply find out what local building regulations are, concerning your alteration, and comply in the revamped plans.....its not that hard !! ......Below are the amended plans to just give you an idea of the completed project ....i altered the plans as i went we will be working off original plans and altered plans ( which all were submitted to Council for approval)


Drawing up plans is simple.....find some Architects or Draughtmens  plans of a house somewhere and simply copy the way they did things...and learn and use the language that they have put on the plans.(thats all i did below)......our own design, but copied the way a professional drew the plans........use and find out the symbles professionals use on their plans.......copy the way they did it....and put them on your plans at the relevant places..........simple.......and get familiar with local codes and regulations....its so simple these days.....just go on google to find out local easy....i had to go to the council in person to find out what the regulations were......If you want the scale of the plans to be will say on the plans...1-100.....just do what they did!....use identical measurement and symbol strategy.....

I used that method in many future projects....did a rough sketch for clients (based on a combination of pictures i had seen in books)..... and 1-100 scale plans to match...drawn up by myself ......and would often save the client $100s of dollars...  by not using an Architect or Draughtsmen....which i declared myself not to be......but also presented my plans to the potential client in a very professional manner..... also...........often i would find myself working off a Draughtsmens plans as well on a job.....thats fine......and.... you may eventually become a Draughtsmen yourself if thats what interests you......but of course, now you can also create digital 3 dimential pictures and i would encourage you to do that......i do.....and ime heading towards 80....keep learning!!!

but always made it clear to the client, that my drawings were always up to local specifications....and also that i was not ....not......a professional Draughtsmen.....however, the clients always seemed to show an interest in my sketchs and plans anyway..........and it was quite legal....anyone can present a plan to long as it complies.......just look professional,...and of course i did for this house and landscaping thats found on this website


Also, You may want to do different landscaping, but  never-the-less instructions how to build the identical landscaping (as shown) will be found in the landscaping section


I would also remind you here, It took me 5 years...3 years for the house...2 years landscaping ....full time........(you may find that you will do it far quicker) .........well,..... anyway it took 5 years for me.... to complete the project, and it turned out to be, like a never ending  story......because your creative and learning juices never stop

but 'oh' satifying to see something you built with your own hands materialize, and realising that you actually were also making up to $150,000 a year building it, (escalated value of the finished project) including money saved by doing it yourself, equats up to $150,000 a year. What other job do you know of, where you are litterally putting ( savings) $150,000 in the bank annually.

It cost me ( to build the house, including the land) $220,000. Two years after we finished it was worth 1.2 million, and there is also, the added advantage of setting you up (in the building industry) for good is that! 


It would be a good idea, to print out all the relevant plans on this website (duplicate copies) and keep a folder of plans on site, and another set in the shed....( 'save' into your files... then print...from your files ).......if the house plan is reduced to 15.8cm long,(the house that is) and 14.8cm wide (when you print them)....then they will be at 1-100 scale (occasional others maybe at 1-200 scale)

Also, some of the plans (below) have been split in two, for easier will need to use the zoom function to magnify the split plans by using the feature at the top off your computer. You will see three vertical dots (top right) on them, on zoom several times (be persistant).....and enlarge for easier viewing........but of course, photos will be your main option to follow

The plans on this website ( as far as construction goes) are just a guide for you......visualisation (by progressive photos on this site) will give you a much better understanding of the project. There are well over 400 photos on this website of the construction stages of this project. I will guide you as much as i can, but often you will have to find out through Local Council, or Federal Government Depts or someone like 'Masterbuilders' to comply with your local regulations 


These plans below.....are a rough guide to the project, and are the amended ones (3rd plan down), but you will also be able to download the originals ( to print out as well.....on 'plans used' page)..... for better viewing and greater understanding of the project and its amendments

You will notice that the 3m garage extension, is an add on, as are other little bits and pieces (as you go along)...refer to the photos for accuracy


Immediately below is the original plans (2 plans.....upper and lower) that we presented to council, but made quite significant changes as we went along with the project, that you will see in the following amended plans.......

We initialy followed the original plans,. but eventually began using the amended plans further down the project.....unfortunately, thats the way it will be presented to you as well, but of course you have the great advantage of just following the easy!!

but  do not concern yourself to much, with the plans below........they will probably seem like double Dutch to you at this stage

These plans are just  to give you an idea of the project.....all will become much clearer later on

downstairs original blockwork plans... guest bedroom top left....these plans just to give you an idea of the project

Lower floor amended plan....with extended garage....note guest bedroom (robe wall)

upstairs original plans......and plumbing..

lower floor amended plan split 1

lower floor amended plan split 2..extended garage

upper floor amended plan split 1

upper floor amended plan....note bathroom on left ..... which will be amended again

upper floor amended plan split 2

amended north elevation.....complete

amended south elevation..incomplete

east elevation (not amended).....incomplete

amended west elevation split

amended west elevation.....slightly altered.. and different front door