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Now lets continue on with the floor joists (200mm by 50mm joists @ 400mm centres).......if you want to avoid sqeaky and moving timber in your house...use only galvanised nails.....this is why im'e not keen on nail guns, because most nail gun catridges use smooth finish nails (however you can buy galv nails for a nailgun, but they are still relatively smooth...and tend to move or pull out a  little)......find the knarliest rough galvanised nails that you can....use a hammer and you will avoid any movement...and always put one more nail than you need to. I built my house this way, and there was no movement anywhere 

Where a plate or floor joist needs to be fixed to the wall....drill holes in blockwork......then dynabolt timber to the wall

This part of the construction requires you to be a bit adventurous and may have to work some things out yourself

Remember to show the plans to your timber merchant (supplier)......tell him what you intend to do (even show him/her this website) and they will work out the quatities for you........dont get all your timber at once....they tend to buckle in the hot months (and youll be covering them with black plastic remember....and theres just you, not a team) the winter, storms hinder progress

If in doubt...ask your builder


upstairs lounge...entry way

entryway below

video to familiarise you with staircases

staircase area

upstairs lounge

wetlands facing balcony

outdoor and indoor dining areas

kitchen island area

kitchen bench and island area

kitchen cholestory

notice support bar below false joists....for clarity see stage 20

looking towards sunroom



sunroom...double garage

master bedroom ensuite


walk-in robe

walk-in robe

spa area main bedroom