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Let me reiterate once again......Rather than me explaining how to do everything and all the materials you may need, it will probably easier for you to go to the 'plans used' section and have a good look there, most all will be explained by the detailed drawings, although some may have been changed.....

And once again, if you cant find what your looking for in the photos.....go to the details in the 'plans used' section (as i mentioned above once again).....if you cant find the answer there, go to google, punch in what your looking for, and you may find your answer there...or maybe try youtube......or (as i said before), ....just talk to your a last resort...ask your wife...ha!

and if you do see something on a photo that i have not mentioned...write it down on the floor or gibrock or whatever, with a permanent marker pen, so you wont forget to do it , solid plastic airvents for instance

However, because your are building with timber, you may want to finish building all the timber walls as well as the timber ceilings.....thats ok ....go will get an idea from the pictures below....or just go through the photo section to familiarize yourself with the house construction like ive said before......but of course you will finish the plumbing and electrics before you gyprock (except for the downstairs gyprock ceiling that is....that may be done now).......gyprocking more comprehensive Stage 14



Its probably a good idea at this stage to consult your electrician and tell him where you intend to do all your electrics upstairs(see diagram an example...dont follow) and get him to mark on the plans where the cabling will go and with different colours showing the type of cabling you will need.......

Something similar to the diagramic plan below......will be slightly different for you, than the plan below (as i was very familiar with electrics)....but just get your electrician to show you the cabling and where it is to go, by different coloured broken lines, as you see below, you can lay the cables where needed

now, ....I have put a video up on Stage 13....not only will it show the fundamentals and basics of home electrics but will show you that 80% of electrical work is very basic and easy for you to follow and easy for you to just need to know the right wiring to use.....will save you a lot of money.....

Also after the  video (in Stage 13) i will give you the electrical plan, close to what i have used, and you can follow that to organise for your upstairs wiring of lights, power points, etc... .just show your electrician that gives him something to work off, and a good platform for your part of the electrics

After the example electrical diagram below...we will continue the roof framing

example of electrical wiring diagram for you to follow and roughly imitate

but lets continue on with the roof and framing

outdoor eating area

remember...this is all exposed

stain timber roofing before sheets go on

entryway roof .....further down

ceiling upstairs main bedroom

ceiling main bedroom....walk in robe

main bedroom entryway

shower area.....main bedroom entryway...door on right

shower area ...door on right

shower base concrete floor (with steel mesh in it ) ....hardysheet under

entry to main bedroom

entry main bedroom

main bedroom

Of course...this will be one of the last things to do .....also found 1/2 way thru Stage 20

you will tend to do this entryway roof at end of Stage 19 and 20 (as mentioned above)

plan not amended.. but gives you an idea what to do

plan not amended....but gives an idea of what to do