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We start off Stage 13 with an exceptional video by .....showing you all about electrics....very informative

The idea of these videos below (in my thinking) is that you will become familiar with the pattern of the electrical process and practicalities that will help you in the layout......remember...its your house, you can have anything where you like (legally that is), and you will save yourself a heap of money,.......and even if you do something wrong....who cares!...your 'lekky' will just correct it......i even got my labourer to wire up all the plugs and light fittings and the 'lekky' just checked them to make sure they were secure and done properly.....nothing wrong with that....unless rules have changed of course....(also check out  'how to wire a distribution board' on stage 27)

Ive often seen a 1 week old apprentice do the same thing (a 15 yr old) then can long as were under legal supervision....have a look at the vids below

By the way might want to look at Tims (construction coach) other videos too

also, have a look at stage 25 stained glass windows...... for a spotlight (floodlight) on those windows........and stage 26 for yellow lights and fittings.......and the 7 vacuum ports in stage 26....and also remember about having a timer switch that will automatically turn the lights off after 15mins or so, in the main bedroom.......and stage 30 is your pool may want to look at those

Also its nice to have an inter-com from your middle pillar ( upstairs ) to your gate (inter-com) make provision for that........either hard wired right to the gate or cordless (wi-fi)

and remember....if you want music hooked up througout the house...make sure you run some hidden speaker wires in....(under the gyprock)....from upstairs lounge to upstairs spa, downstairs spa. downstairs lounge etc.....or where  it suits you.....remember they will all have volume controls 

also remind you once agian (talk to your lekky)....about dimmers on most of the lights and most things feed to the master controls upstairs .....and you may want to put extra coloured lights in the upstairs spa....and several yellow lights (mosquito deterant) dispersed around.....perhaps a little more lights than i have recommended.....up to you! (see stage 26)

Now as promised again.......(here are some pictures below) which are some of the electrical components upstairs...(found more comprehensively in Stage 13C ) and downstairs ( found in Stage 13B)........upstairs and downstairs, because you will be wiring up downstairs and upstairs at the same time ........however i may have missed something, so consult with your electrician (and your wife!!)...... like for instance your bathroom and kitchen fans, air conditioners, and so on, may all not be represented on the  diagram below.....i have just indicated on the diagram below, things, to familiarise yourself with, so that you and your partner/wife can work out where you want everything to light switches, lights, power points, and so on, thats if you want to change things......however, if you want them in the same place as the house on this website, then you'll have to check the photos and diagrams in STAGE 13B and 13C to make sure i have got them all....because, we considerably changed things from the plans as we went.....go to STAGE 13B and 13C and copy building the house according to the photos and the diagrams, and where we put everything, like lights and fans, etc....all the electrical  components of the job (nearly all) will be on those photos, or the diagrams (hopefully).....but i expect all, (like i say.......hopefully) will be on the diagrams...but scrutenize them dont want to miss anything

however, work with your electrician and show him one plan at a time (ie. powerpoints only), see second plan down,and get him to just connect (on paper), by dotted lines, where the cables will go just for the power points (see second plan down)......then you can go ahead and lay them out, (the cables that is...the wiring) as we were instructed....... then go on to the lighting plan, then switch's, then fans, then aircon's, and so on (and remember to mark both ends of the cables, so you can identify them........each peice of cable will obviously be marked differently from the others...but both ends of the same cable will be marked the same) wont want to wonder where such and such cable goes to...will you!...if its will know

Now,.... as i have just indicated, the correct positioning is on most of the photos STAGE13B and C..........however, if you do not want to not copy ours...means, that you will have to do up your own diagram for the electrician to follow, similar to what you see below

and also i have included 4 more short videos below to show how to do a hook up (wiring in the switchs and p/points and dimmers) .....which will happen a little bit further down the track...the electrics require a little greater understanding than most other trades, so famiarize yourself with all the electrical videos....believe me, you'll feel a whole lot more confident if you fact it wont be long before it comes 2nd nature to you......and of course there are dozens of more electrical videos on youtube for you to see

But  just to mention here, go to Stage 14 first, if you want to put on the lower gyprock ceilings first, which i recommend

upstairs floor plan...just to think about

upstairs power points...with a red dotted line dot on pillar (top of picture 'block posts'),,,,one p/p top of waist height

of course countries have different wiring....anything from 110 volt to 240 volt wiring will be apropriate

240 volt wiring


just to remind you again of the pool electrics

main upstairs bedroom roof

south side

see completed (painted) top section

north side

lounge.......and my awesome son-in-law..ha!


upstairs lounge area

pitch of lounge

internal gutters

pitch glass done from inside

your (trough) internal gutter may have to done like this

garage roof