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Continuation of Electrics upstairs

But first, a reminder, when putting in the rest of the downstairs electrics.......most power points will be 400+mm off the floor....remember to extend vacuum pipe up to second floor as well............and the lounge area is security sensored downstairs and main bedroom upstairs, but you may want other sensors as well

Depending , on  where you want the speaker wires (i had them going from the strereo upstairs, to the upstairs spa, along the ceiling ,to both sides of the room  (upstairs lounge....and just connected them to lovely box speakers , also, downstairs lounge and downstairs spa... all had volume controls....and were sourced from the stereo upstairs

Keep in mind that the lower photos may not all be colour identification correct ....but diagrams are, and there might be double-ups in photos......(ie. the same switch shown twice in photos)

upper level

upper level

fan and directional lighting on left

there are 2 power points on the right pillar as well ...1 just below waist height.....1 at the top for a heater

double plug inside box..... spa motor

also auto turn-off for irons (upstairs and downstairs)

and remember the 'light timer' in the bedroom, if you want it (automatically turns lights off after 15 minutes or whatever)


possibly doubling up in photos

main bedroom

note....lights, aircon, etc