FINISHING PLUMBING...plastic plumbing first

Remember to make  sure that all the waste pipes (ie. shower,floor, vanities, sink ) have vents going up to the roof you see in the pictures below, and dont forget to merge your downstairs vents into your upstairs vents if you havent already vented them up the cavity in your blocks (see pictures below)......consult your plumber

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upstairs bathroom ....and kitchen island waste

kitchen island bench and floor

Now you will need to talk to your plumber, where you will need to put the 'P' may have changed somewhat since my day. But you will need a 'p' trap to service your Island Bench waste, floor wastes ( kitchen and 2 bathrooms upstairs), 2 vanities (upstairs) and shower and bath well as the dishwasher.....consult your plumber again

late edition dishwasher waste

Now of course you will need a waste for your upstairs spa and a 'p' trap which will merge into your spa vent

indoor spa

Main bedroom ensuite plumbing .... vent at vanity

water and gas supply......lower floor...pipes go down from upper floor

lower floor gas and water supply

upper floor plumbing

upstairs kitchen and bathroom

upstairs bed 1 vanity

north facing gas and water supply

south facing wall water and gas

north facing water and gas supply from road

take time to learn from these videos

gas line 20mm...waterline 15mm....gas and water turn off valves....pipes down cavity