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Now you may want to finish the gyprocking, as much as possible  (providing that all your plumbing and electrics are bulk complete....but not the fittings yet.....of course) now is the time to do the 'setting' of the rendered block walls .......down below is a great video for you to be able to learn how to 'white set' the will easily get the hang of it....practice on the garage walls can lightly sand it after, if you leave lines....and if the paint dosen't cover any mistake.... then your free standing lamp will..ha!..........the internal corners, you will need to use your corner trowel

Once you have finished the setting...wait several days, and then put all your cornices on on the set walls, and also the cornice on your gypbrock walls upstairs as well if you like (see stage 14 again, on applying cornices)

and remember that if your uncertain about how to do something...find a vid on youtube, and learn from that....there are literally hundreds of vids there to teach you how to do it.. 

I have put the gyprock taping ,setting and butt joint video on here, for you you can complete most walls ready for sanding

Make sure you put plastic down, (for mess) and make sure floor is cleaned up each day, because it can go very hard, and can be difficult to get off

'set' rendered walls .......before cornice

main bedroom

Cornice is fairly obvious (where it goes) is the setting (obvious where it goes ....everywhere where you have rendered)

However the top pitch windows are a little more complex (see picture below).....complete the outside and paint.....that is, the fibo sheeting complete (Hardy sheeting)....with the roof flashing over the top of the painted fibro, and flashing tucked underneath the painted fibro at the lower roof area.......NOTE....use fibreglass bats for insulation between this hardysheet and the gibrock on the inner wall above kitchen roof he same on the other side (south side) 

Glue and tack, (galvanised tacks or else they will rust) the 1/4 round beading all around the outside of the window area..and paint ........then lightly glue glass on the fixed 1/4 round (yourself or glaziers.....cut to shape) and then tape in til dry (clear silicon...allow one day)....then put the PAINTED internal 1/4 round beading on and complete (glue and tack...galvanised tacks)...the inside (1/4 round beading)

Finally when all is complete and painted inside and a thin bead of clear silicon all around 1/4 round (inside and out) to waterproof ...smooth out with index way

north side (kitchen)....also see 2nd picture

south side

north side

top lounge

bottom lounge

set walls guest bedroom

air con piping will go diagionally across floor joist's

as mentioned above

bit hazy......this picture was taken off my video

I chose non-secret you see here

neatly cut floor wastes......bathrooms

kitchen floor waste

main bedroom spa area


treads with stick-on black hazaard strips

boxed concrete stair's