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Now, for fiinishing  blockwork, outside rendering.....and balcony decking (possibly Hardpanel compressed sheeting or suchlike).....for decking


Perhaps the steps are not finished yet, or the balcony north short walls, or the fill-in blockwork under the outdoor timber work......complete them before commencing render (and stain all timber before render).......and complete all brick sills remembering to protrude them out from the blockwork using a white cement mix

The top floor balcony will need to have compressed sheeting on the floor first (see at bottom)...before you lay the 1metre high terrace block wall (outdoor dining area)....... it will need to have the compressed sheeting down before you lay the lay the blocks on top of the compressed sheeting ( the upstairs terrace....balcony...and outdoor dining area)

complete fill-in blockwork around house

aprox fence height balcony walls...upper and lower

upper balcony wall....after comprssed sheeting on floor is done


You may have noticed that i would render a small section at a time....when you mix the outdoor render, it must consist of consistant and equal volumes of a 4 to 1 mixture and the same volume each time, of the water additive 'plasticiser' 

The reason why we must keep consistant, for advice is to get enough yellow sand delivered in one load as possible to do the whole house, so that there is no variation in sand colour....or alternatively leave the south,..more obscure walls til last

4 shovels (equal size) of yellow one shovel of white cement......if there are lumps in the white cement...seive it, or dont use will leave white cement lumps in your finished product which looks horrible......keep the sand dont want cat poos in the mortar

Because it is a long term project....rendering the whole house that is.......joining 2 sections of render together requires you to tape the edge of the previously done section, so as to not smear on the previously done render with smeary trowel marks.....remember you may be an amatuer in all these it takes time.......and test your capabilities in an obscure place first......and consider this....that you will try and render in the coolest part of the day or in the shadows if possible....the render tends to dry out a slightly different colour if it dries quickly in the sun

Stain or paint all rafters before you fact all staining near where you intend to render should be done first .....because if you spill stain on the render, you will have to re-render....its no fun ...beleive me..

Tape your window brick sills also, to stop smearing on them as well 

Below are 2 vids to remind you of the skill of rendering again...of which you are more than capable 

me or you, rendering the house exterior

front entryway

remember to stain first before render

RSJ area....timber frame under 'painted hardy sheet'


tape.....before rendering

obscure area, a testing ground, or leave til last

vid....just to give you an idea

note rope in gutter stop water splashing.....deck must be waterproof (sealed)

sealed along RSJ

once again....just a different vid to give you an idea