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Bi-fold doors

Are fairly simple to install because they will be made to size once you have bolted the batten on the underside of the RSJ.....if bolt is too long, and you need to cut a short peice off the bolt..make sure you put the nut on first (otherwise you wont get the nut on) will have to do the same thing on the sides as well (welded short bolts)....a batten secured (by those bolts) on the vertical steel upright ...timber trim to cover 

no trim on yet

inside trim door height....DOORS OPEN INWARDS

door overhang and gutter (top of RSJ)

inside trim door height

this is how they should freely move


outdoor dining bi-fold doors

note..short and long trim at top of door

french doors ...main bedroom, both lower bedrooms

sunroom consertina windows open inwards..longer upper trim on outside of windows

basically installed the same way as the consertina doors

double garage door (auto)....see installation vids below

then complete blockwork across door on steel lintel...before door installation if possible

video not the best...but gives you an idea

single garage door..... (mine was manual with auto option)

guest bedroom toilet sliding doors

guest bedroom toilet sliding doors

use these or similar gutter brackets

(upstairs spa room-main bedroom) gutter......just follow the photographs...gutter independant from main roof gutter

trough downpipe into chelestory downpipe

balcony gutter into 2 pillar downpipes

no gutter over the chelestory windows