The 9 clerestory window (3/4 inch) or 15-19mm wide, flat steel bars, will all be identical lenght, and identical bend...get them professionaly done if you dont feel confident bending them yourself.....they must be identical.....

drill 15-19mm perfectly spaced holes (the same depth) into the timber as shown below (sill and ceiling joist) and glue in one at a time if you have to.....evenly spaced..i used bond-o-fil for my glue (2 pack).....vertical and plumb

make sure the steel bars have been rustproofed and painted black before you install them 

when all 9 flat bars are secure, order the glass...if your uncertain that they are uniform size, get a professional glazier in

silicon the vertical glass..... on to timber sill and vertical steel bar......use a thin amount of clear silicon, because you will have tape and supports dont want to make a mess with the can always fill the gaps later and make a neater finishing job afterwards

The top glass will be cut to fit as well, except with a 5mm overhang....fixed the same way

The 2 end paines of glass will be cut to size and fixed in the same way

Make sure you put the lower glass in first...then the top glass which will overhang the bottom glass by  make sure rain runs off properly


The 'support' pipe below is to make sure that there is no movement in the dont want leaks


Now to complete the entryway roof.....i will display the same pictures that we see in stage 12 (see below) 

Cut the roof iron sheets on an angle you see in the picture

Gutter sections light soldered and siliconed

underside corrugated roof joins are not visable due to glued on plastic beads

gutter sections soldered then siliconed inside gutter.....note top of slope, small piece of bent pipe

Keep in mind, that the lower longer bent pipe, is supported by the (support pole) that is visable (welded on pipe) to the downpipe...., and also concreted and secureed into the ground.......there is also a middle bent pipe (into the walll of course)....and a very short bent pipe at the top



Finish off all timber trims around the house where it needs it sure to stain first..

clear silicon all dont want insect colonies forming in your roof cavities and ceilings....also use the corrogated sponge draft seal you can buy for corrogated roof's.....put right around house

Some roof or ceiling spaces may require ventilation....put in the small plastic vents, cut apprppriate hole and insert

timber trim where needed, all around house.....and draft seal everywhere

of course i had a trailer on the back as well

upstairs balcony