Stage 21


Once your balcony ballastrade is finished and painted ....then the tiles on the upstairs balcony are ready to be laid

I ended up with a small cut tile on the door side..... starting off with a half tile at the ballastrade side (my calculations were slightly out , but the end result was ok)....i used a slightly 'rough surface tile' knowing that they would get wet.... and slippery otherwise 

If you watch these videos below, imé sure you will easily get the hang of tiling...and there  are plenty more vids on youtube regarding this subject


When i had finished the tiling ( this photo opposite is not my house...just an example)........i broomed and rolled on on a waterproof sealer...i  also had insufficient fall away...(5-10mm ....15+mm might have been better) waterproofing was vital

heavy rain...left a puddle...but was waterproof...SHOULD HAVE DONE 15MM FALL

bit hazy...picture from the video

butt tile against timber flooring

grandies....20 yrs ago

floor same in kitchen-dining area (timber floor-door track-tile)


leave skirting off til after floor sanded and polished...and paint skirting before installing

my labourer.....walk in laundry entryway from staircase

tips on painting

bit like this example

main bedroom upstairs square shower on right

if you want to use a molded shower base....main bedroom

laundry cabinet (we used commercial washer & dryer)

bedroom 2 i built it....maybe different today