Start tiling at the front door .....the entire downstairs will be in the same tile (except shower of course) and some places might require a small cut tile.....(particularly  around floor wastes and entry concertina floor door bolts and floor plates)  but unfortunately that cant be helped as there are so many nooks and crannies......both the double and single garage will also be tiled (same tile) may have to shape (cut) tiles around door jamb's etc...... using the small grinder

DOWNSTAIRS LOUNGE AND OUTDOOR of sliding door track flush with top of tile


LOWER FLOOR HEAT MAT (guest bedroom, bedroom one, lower lounge)

 REEMEMBER.....although your electrician should already be will need an adequate size breaker on your switchboard for your floor heatter....because an electrical floor heater will draw a lot of current 

(guest bedroom shown below) .......I layed a heat mat under the tile, with a control on the right wall as you walked in the guest bedroom....i only layed the heat mat in that room, where you would point in heating your tiles under the bed...and the same in the other rooms 

These days some people prefer to use hot water underfloor piping....but i found that was going to be hard to work with, clumsy, and the potential for water may think differently.....up to you! .....but downstairs under-floor heating, .....definitely a must 

Electric floor heated both bedrooms, lounge floor, and both bathrooms downstairs 

I didn't find it expensive to run, as we lived upstairs, and it was only on when guests arrived, and they could choose which bedrooom, lounge or bathroom they had it seemed quite minimal costing to run 

You will have to chase the cables up the wall to the power source, and put your control at a comfortable standing height on the the bedrooms and lounge....i had my bathrooms hooked up to my bedroom controls, for easier access...( see Stage 13B )

guest,heat mat (under tile)..

bedroom being fussy again

bedroom 2 ....tiles can go straight on concrete...not neccesary to be a fussy as me

bedroom 2...floor waste.....bath and toilet instalation stage 23

bedroom 2

lower lounge from front door...yellow circle heat mat

heat mat...not outside terrace of course

MURKY PHOTO,OFF VIDEO......yellow ring is lower lounge floor heat mat 'control'

off video


single video


measure tiles of walls when laying....keep uniform and straight

leave steps til later

no heatmat on lower terrace of course,unless you want to