Now to connect all your power points, light switches, ceiling fans, lights, etc

Talk to your 'lekky' about the right way to install your switches, etc, and mark with permanent marker, on the cable (wire)... what goes where !!! switch, power point, etc and match the colours to the relevant screw connections

(and of course, the source of the cables should already be marked).....but you will find that you will literally save yourself $1000's of dollars if you strip and secure the cables and install switches and lights, yourself  ......but make sure you leave them all exposed......dont secure them onto the walls, ceilings, because the 'lekky' has to approve them first before you screw them onto the walls, ceilings......and when the switches, etc  onto the walls, etc........but off course you have not even yet completed the 'breaker or fuse box' yet there is no power in your circuits....but just check the power box end that all is limp and not connected to anything....and remember the 2 or 3 way switching which you should have worked out by now (where you want them).....and you should have the power switches, and hidden power switches for your kitchen, and 'kitchen Island' in place..and any extra lights or switches you should desire in the kitchen....depending on your stove, you may want  extra power and lighting, but certainly power to the Range-hood and maybe stove ignition 

and remember that your vacuum portals are power connected too......when you plug the hose in the power should come on automatically....some  have a power switch on the hose.......connect them, but leave exposed ,for your 'lekky' to approve......when approved, secure on wall


there are literally 100's of switches, lights, fans, etc, in your house...and it is very time consuming ( but even your labourer is capable of doing this..if you show him/her).....there is no law that i am aware of, where the electrician is required to do everything,( all hands on themselves) other words, anyone can screw a wire on....but of course it must be inspected and approved by a registered electrician before its completed.......and dont scrimp on paying your 'lekky' friend, are literally saving 1000's of dollars by doing it yourselves

Electricians can charge  up to $100 an hour and may take longer than several weeks to do all the just work that out (what your saving) be generous with your 'lekky' friend......shout him a short holiday somewhere, or a special nite out, or well as what you owe works, believe me....(pay him well) 

and watch all the videos below and go to 'pouse around the house' for a conglomeration of videos regarding many subjects subjects   

leave all switch's exposed including power points

ceiling lights, wall lights, power points and fans, etc

There are lots of different electrical components in your bathroom and rooms, and down below i have included a number of videos ...wiring light switches...downlights....exhaust fan.....ceiling rose ......USB outlet (bedroom).....and ceiling fans help you install them

The 3 in 1.......(found in the centre of your bathroom ceilings) .....4 x heatlamp downlights, plus LED light, plus fan will be found in both of your upstairs bathrooms .......exhaust into the ceiling cavity.,.........and......with separate switches

The 2 in 1 (2 or 4 heatlamps)..........heatlamps and LED lights in the lower bathrooms will not have a fan....the exhaust fans will be separate and will exhaust thru the walls with separate swtches

the fan nogs should already be in and identified

sort out plumbing and follow installation instructions

main bedroom and cold water go directly up

if you have to service spa .....just remove panels, then re-silicon

where the spa pump (motor) will go......out on deck