The shute is definetly an essential in a 2 storied house.....however you may want to build it a little differently than us....whatever suits you

We used a Commercial washing machine, and a Commercial dryer in the much easier, because you can do bigger loads....however it does draw a lot of electricity, so you may need a bigger breaker............and we chose, to put 3 phase power in as well, just in case

We bought and measued up our washing machine and dryer, before we put in the tub and shute cupboards

entry to sunroom

laundry in yellow


The vacuum should be ducted all the way back to the vacuum motor and collection bag in the garage (piping-ducting) from each socket in the house...but, of course, you will need to have a power source running back to the motor from each vacuum socket, so when you plug it in (or turn the swtch on , on your hose, if theres one), the vacuum motor automatically starts. ........this should have been done earlier

Before securing plug in sockets to the wall, make sure all is electrically sound according to your 'lekky'

There  are currently 7 vacuum sockets........4 downstairs (one in the garage), and 3 upstairs


Yellow you can either change some bulbs yellow bulbs, generaly on your decks, or as you can double up on lights fittings, in the odd place...... and double up on switchs and cables to the same area, and have twin lights put in ocasionally.........with one light white , one light yellow with different swtch's

however ,if you put up citernella lamps (as i have done) will get suficient yellow light from them, and mozzi relief.....

Remember, that all your landscaping and garden lights will be yellow bulbs.......and i often used candles inside as well.........(and adds to the atmosphere i might add)....also put citonela lamps on the external fence or close by

.Generally , you only require yellow light  when it is a still willl find most bugs and mozzis are not present when it is windy