What i had to do first (before pool and landscaping) is finish the rear steps, and also build a retaining wall on the bounday, which will also house a portion of the anti-mosquito devices

rear steps goes between pillars

rear steps

rear steps

steps between pillars

steps aprox 300mm wide

and notice pool fence

fence footings...put plenty of steel in the footings

2nd hand steel fence..... to be reshaped ...and concreted in

building 'T' restrainer to hold firm block wall

pool on the right.....'garden lighting' mean 'power' source.......inside red plastic pipe

fence painted first....then top off wall ..rendered

fence painted first......then render block wall

drainage pipes and self-closing gate above (fence)

overflow pipe at very top of pool....this photo shows it temporarily covered

paint fence black .....before rendering...and 'pipe allowing for drainage' is for the grassed area

micron regulator on CO2 bottle (behind waterfall area) of water for testing only

bug zapper will go in the blockwork

bug zapper will go in the mosquito alcove............. (in the blockwork)

yellow lighting in gardens

smooth rendered artificial rocks with support poles

CO2 bottle

notice citronella lamps on fence and balcony

Alcove must be shaped like this (so no build up of dead mozzies)

cut to size....Security mesh covers alcove

front door device

rear balcony device

roughly shape the pool

put down this portion of grass first for easier access to pool area

and around the corner.....was found a second hand white fence for boundary and pool areas.......cut to shape later

rough swimming pool shape....choose own shape, if you want pool

ill explain later.....pool access...... using different materials to walk on