and remember....just follow the photos


Pool ( plastic pipe ) 20mm PVC pressure water piping....for cleaning the pool 

where you see the ' x ' on the diagram is indicating where your PVC pipe exits from the pool walls thu moulded jets (see picture 2 below) into your will see 21 'x's' in the diagram below....but in reality there are about 28....most all the 'x's' that you see on the diagram below, are at waist height, but you will also need several (at ankle height) jets immediately below the shown''x's' all up will be about 28....or where you choose to put may use maybe more, maybe less

the series of straight purple lines you see on the diagram below, indicates the PVC pipes returning to behind the waterfall area where the pump is.....and the 4 pipes shown, go into one pipe via a manifold

regarding pool cleaning....bear in mind, that i tried to plant small evergreen trees and shrubs, around the pool. ......However, the difference between selecting evergreen over deciduous, is that deciduous does it all in one season. In other words evergreen trees shed leaves too and across the year ........but you can minimize this problem, by wise selection,

.........and i also put in an input pipe to attach a pool vacuum hose to, but never had to use it .....but also changed its position to a more central area to allow the hose to be long enough to reach the extremities of the pool areas (see changes further on).......... it may be dfferent for you!!

The photos tend to jump all over the once again.....go thru the whole process before you start



These are your moulded PVC pipe ends below.....cut a number of PVC pipes, ... into aprox 6 inch lengths (maybe 28.....6 inch lengths), then heat the tip of each 6 inch PVC pipe with your gas torch, being careful to give it the right amount of heat, so as not to scorch, burn, or catch on fire,...but just to soften end of PVC

Then hammer or push the end flat, trying to leave a 2mm gap ot the end.....(you are squashing the end) can always put a hacksaw blade in the end first,(before squashing) and even saw your 2mm gap if you need to, with your hacksaw blade

when it looks like, (as you see below............. and when finishing....leaving the auto jets til last.....then glue a collar on), but now..... extend your PVC back to the back of the waterfall area may need to use several collars and lenghts of PVC , including the odd 45 or 90 degree bend....athough 90 degree bends are not recomended ( to sharp...loss of pressure)...........put jets on last

(you will have 28 pipes going back to behind the waterfall area)....or, as i have done, and you may wish to do as well ......join several pipes on to a 4 to 1 manifold, and have less clutter in the waterfall area,(if you use a 4 to 1 manifold you should have only 7 pipes at the back) ...but these must be jets that are working together, (groups of jets perform different functions).....which will become obvious further on

You will need to shape the jet end into a semi round shape (as  you see below), by using a file or grinder....nice round end

at this stage,, you will just position your PVC jets  piping, in more or less where you want them to go....because obviously there is no concrete yet....just sit them on the sand

It may look complex to you at this stage, but i assure you, you will get your head around it very quickly you see here, your finished jets ....completed..... will , protrude out about 6 inches from your concrete, flat, and 16 or so, facing in the same direction.....making sure that the top (see top  below)...of the jet, is always facing the pool concrete as below (flatened part).......if your using a 4 to 1 manifold, then you will have 4 PVC pipes going to the back of the waterfall.....make sure they are marked ....'sprays flowing same way'

they will be connected to the pipes by a collar

But of course, you will only be at the stage below, or....even earlier !

notice how (obviously) all the pipes have been more or less positoned, .....(on the sand)....before we start serious concrete shaping

now we will continue with the other piping as well (obviously before any concreting)......which includes below.....3 swim jets, and a waste outlet to your filter, and a pipe to empty the pool if you can (if you property is elevated enough)...and a large capacity waterfall inlet pipe... 50mm (see photos for explaination)

The waterfall inlet will go to......'40mm  to 'T' Junction' found in the early part of Stage30

try and use mostly 45 degree bends if possible (less restriction)......and less pressure on pumps, and that includes main drain.....not 90 degree bends

the 'outlet main drain to filter' will be buried into the ground , coming out up, behind waterfall

the 'pipe to empty pool'........ will extend out to the edge of the property, thru the block fence..(or stormwater or water storage area that council requires)..and with a close off-on valve on the end

and there will be in and out heater pipes (to the pool).......and more!

see pipes..... nearly in position....on the steps

ledge out for lighting (yellow) ..... glass waterproofed in

cleaning jets.....running parallel to concrete

dry cavern for lights

bubbles.....rare to see in swimming pool , but attractive

'waterfall overhang' makes the water fall, instead of running down the face

start of spa area....explained later


pool aready shaped....... but one continous final pour in the water catchment prevent leakage

and remember the rectangle outlet box at water level

note....overflow box cut back level at artificial rockwork .....and three swimjets positioned properly.....note cleaning jets are positioned properly

somewhat earlier stage

kiddies pool

kiddies pool