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Now, you will want to shape that square profile,..... to the shape of the house......because the house isn't square is it? It's all sorts of shapes ( see below).........

By the way.......when i mention 'amended plan or shape','e talking about .......'these are the plans that have been updated from the originals'....changes have been made...i will make you aware of these changes as we move along

But we will build the house in the same way that we did it (so there will be no confusion).......i will introduce the amended updated plans at the right point....for instance, the concrete terrace (on the east side......wetland side) was shortened to satisfy council, but was then extended again...............just follow my directions and photos

When i mention 'amended plans or shape'....that is what the final house will look like below

amended shape

And this will be the shape of your house (at this point).....the shape of the footings shown in this picture.....

Currently the profiles are more or less square, aren't they, 15.8m by 14.8m........but now you will want to shape the house (footings) to match the picture opposite, and that will require many more pegs and profiles

(the large carport area at the bottom of the plan is amended later).....these plans are the originals

Currently the profiles that you have set out...look like this (red)

And i'll bring to your attention again,that the plans that you print out from this website .....if the house is 15.8cm by 14.8cm on your ruler....then your plan is 1 to 100 scale.

And now you will need the extra profiles to look like line with the corner profiles and at the same height (red)


The purple string-lines are your original lines 14.8m by 15.8m (The set-up profiles) that you did in stage 2 and also the extreme exterior of the house

Notice the string lines are all on the outside of the walls

The green string-lines are the actual shaping of the house that you are going to build ....which is where you will put your footings (to carry all the external walls) in the shape of your house

Make sure everything is the same level....batter-boards on your profiles.....purple string-lines, green stringlines....all must be level, so use the water-level for everything

I will give you the measurements further down this page

when you have positioned all your profiles and string lines properly,..... get a can of spray paint, and mark the ground directly under the string lines....then another line 100mm on the outside of the line........ another spray line 400mm on the inside of the line

This will be the trench (500mm wide trench) that you will dig for your footing in line with the engineers requirements (found in stage 1) .....see below again

Engineers requirement.......footings 'Double storey'... 500mm wide, 350mm deep

Now i understand, that protocol and laws may vary considerably from country to country, and imé not trying to be a guru on all the legal aspects on building a project like this, but are mearly giving you tips,......i had to research everything as i progressed, and often, i got it wrong.....but thats how you learn

So you will need to do your due diligence too....imé mearly a guide for you....hopefully, helping you grasp the learning experience and satisfaction you will get from completing a project such as this

In the picture below.......(yellow) corner profiles... (red) extra profiles ....all level, and in line with corner profiles

Also have a good look at this video below (which....incidently.. i never had) familiarise yourself once again with the process

Thanks to-----'fix it now' youtube

Measurements are below

Now remove the all string lines, once you have finished marking the trenches out with the spray can and begin your digging (all the measurements for all your stringlines are below, as i said earlier) 

The engineer will have given you specific information regarding the depth of your footings and the step-ups of your footing because our property fell away 1m to the rear, and step-up footings would be required (see red lines in 'Footing Step' picture)

See engineers details regarding the step-up, and as we would be using 90mm and 190mm high Besser blocks, the step-up would be  in increments of 100mm or 200mm high......(which includes 10mm for the mortar joint)

When digging your have the cheaper option of hand-digging (which i did....with labourer), or using a backhoe.....just may cost you up to $500 or more

I guess it just depends on how hard the ground is




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