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The double blockwork, should now be completed (along the house side of the terrace area)...  apart from the top course (the last 90mm block) in the green measured area below (5.9m)

This measurement diagram below, is the measurements diagram. that you will find in stage 3 also......however dont put the last 90mm block (last course) in the green area shown directly below ( the 5.9m area), the concrete floor will sit on this area of 90mm blocks (see 3rd picture below--boxing shows 5.7m.....which allows 200mm for blockwork) will then set up boxing like you see again, in the same picture (3 down...and in red)

The red boxing (on the 3rd picture) is on the house side of the terrace (double blockwork) and should cover the 5.9m wide area as shown in the plan immediately below (1st picture)

5.9m is the outside measurement of the blockwork, so your (red) boxing (shown in 3rd picture) will probably be around 5.7m long 

5.9m area between Ryan (shovel) and the barrow

The red boxing above spans across the (green) 5.9m area .....but will actually be about 5.7m..... + 200mm for blockwork = 5.9m......the (red) boxing will want to be the same height as the finished floor will be..


When the sand is level in the terrace area (picture above ....yellow) will then need to do a termite spray on top of your sand and any other insectacide you might need to spray (ask your builder)..........spray the sand, then cover the sand with black polythene (as you see that Mike has done ) in the vid below........(overlaping 200mm, then taping together), run a strip of tape along the edge (joining the polythene together)


Once you have covered the complete terrace area in polythene, you will now need to put down your mesh...see Tim in vid below

Tim talks about, how you lift the mesh 50mm into the middle of the concrete pour, which is fine if your tramping heavy barrows and suchlike over the mesh (the mesh wont buckle his way of doing it).....but i prefer using ......what they call, ...'re-bar chairs' .which the mesh sits on, 50mm above the plastic and suspends the mesh, so you dont have to touch it (we use planks to transport the barrowed concrete around the floor, during a pour).........also tie your mesh together with a 2 square overlap and remember to tie the bent verticles (which come up through your blockwork) on to the mesh....all must be tied

So now you are ready to pour your terrace floor ........apart from one critical thing......and that is your vertical steel post bolts (which will hold up your steel vertical beams...poles) arrows opposite

dig down in the sand about a 600mm (see picture below)....roughly...... also 300mm by 300mm square, (make sure polythene is in the hole) because its here you will put in your 4 / 12mm (galvanised) bolts to bolt your posts to the concrete floor....these are critical measurements and must be triple checked .....bolts about 200mm long

You will need to make your 2 poles, (with a steel foot plate on the end of each pole), to match the foot plate size and bolt positions that you have in the concrete (once the concrete goes hard)

Use a 300mm by 300mm square peice of 15mm thick timber to support your bolts (near the threads), with 4 holes in it of course, and tie the lower part of your bolts on to the mesh (underneath) as secure as possible (you dont want them to move).....slip your 300mm square (4 holes) timber over the bolts ...then, put grease on the threads and put the nuts on.....i will give you the position shortly

Tell the steel merchants what you intend to regarding the whole concrete floor area, and they will send you (on site) the appropriate volume of steel (house and terrace) that you will need.....(as i mentioned before) including mesh

Below (in purple) you will see the 200mm by 200mm steel foot plate you will need to make, which will be welded on to your 4 by 4 post (100mm by 100mm post ) will drill the four holes with your concreted in bolts

The measurement of the post on the right 5m from the outside of the south wall to the outside of the post (as you see in yellow below)....the measurement of the pole on the left is 3.9m from the outside of the house to the outside of the pole 


they are both set in at 1.9m (red below) from the edge (thats to the edge of the 4 by 4 pole....not the plate holes or piece of square timber)

garage extension

green blockwork....not just yet

under floor pipework to go out holes in blockwork

cavity not blocked all around with timber yet