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Once you have compacted the sand, then you need to roughly mark on the sand where your pipes will will see the precise measurements below, although, like iv'e said before....double check measurements with the plans, or use your own initiative  (measurement are found in the first and second pictures), but of course, you have to dig in the sand first, it will be close measurements at the moment but not perfect,....these precise measurements shown on the plan below, will be precise later when the pipes go in.............measure to the centre of pipes as shown, when precise measuring

As you see in the pictures  below....diagramic explanation seems to be the best way to learn.....and as you can see, all measurements, are to the centre of  the pipes.....then to the exterior of the building or terrace....but remember to regularly check the measurements on the plans (100 to 1 on the plans......just use a ruler to measure up everything on the plans.....1mm equals 100mm on your ruler....check everything )  also  your own modifications....and if a measurement is slightly what....whos gonna tell you off ...ha!...just alter things as i did often......sometimes for the better...sometimes worse....but hey,'ll still end up fabulous....just make sure everything lines up in the photos

Remember to have all pipes sloping downhill.......towards the outside.....sewerage (100mm pipe)...deeper than the 65mm pipe....if in doubt, give your plumber a ring.....

Pipes must exit the house under ground level

It is vital that pipes are joined correctly.....remember, they are permanently going under concrete

Where it  says 'no concrete in red box'.....thats because it is a bath , and you need room to do the fittings.... 200mm by 200mm boxing around the pipe should concrete in the boxing

Remember (green) 50mm upstands.......65mm reduced to 50mm vertical vents (or as you plumber requests)

So, venting may be required now, up the cavities of your outside regard to your 65mm to 50mm pipe....just check with your plumber

Once you have dug out the trenches in the sand for your pipes.......glue them up as shown below in the video below, ( thanks Louie) making sure they are sloping downhill.....and also keep in mind, and i will show you shortly, that tributaries and wastes and 'P traps' and ducted vacuum will need to go in as well.......but  instead of me explaining it all to you, know....all the skills of plumbing, like how to glue up pipes etc....check the videos below ....Thanks to Vance and 'Got to learn' video channels

In fact if your uncertain about something to do with plumbing....go to 'Got to Learn' (youtube channel below in red)'e sure you'll get your answers there....there are litterally countless of vids on plumbing fact, it seems whatever trade information that you will find on kinda makes me feel a bit redundant...ha! i would love to have had what youv'e got today....would've been so much easier

channel featured  

Everything that you see below will be hidden in the sand , except where you see the little blue , green, red, purple and yellow dots....that is where your pipes go vertical......everything else will be under the sand,.....including the 'traps' understand how traps work, see  the video 'how it works' above

The blue dots (below) are where the ducted vacuuming goes vertical....join all the blue dot piping together with ducted vacuum piping ( join as shown...remember soft bends) will also need to tape to the ducted vaccuming pipe, an electrical cable ....see photo..( i used 2.5mm twin and earth electrical cable.....if its still legal to do it that way) to the vacuum piping because of auto start (of course the alternative is to feed the power cable thru a wall later ) up to you!....... but its also a good idea to use draw strings in all non plumbing pipes.....feed a piece of string in pipes before you glue them up drag cables through later

the red and green are your floor waste, shower and vanity, and an underfloor 'p' trap (purple) will be needed for the 4 red areas

4 traps are required .....i will give you the measurements shortly .....but have a look at the photos further below, to give you an idea

Now imé sure regulations have changed in the last 25 consult your plumber first....he may have a different way of doing it by regulation.....but keep the measurements the same


green... waste, shower and, floor waste

blue, vacuum....purple, electrical...yellow, internet etc

video.......alternative to timber screed boxing

amended garage plan