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We'll continue on around the house with the blockwork.....but firstly lets put the 100mm by 100mm poles in place first before we complete the top story blockwork..........otherwise the cranedrivers vision will be impaired

The longest poles will be 8m long and the shortish poles are 5.2m.....(short poles may need to be trimmed up when erected)

You will need to hire in a crane for this maneuver... make sure the cuts at the top of the poles are facing the right way, and the 4 bolt holes are facing the right way at the foot may need  to put or weld a lifting hook on the poles

IMPORTANT...make sure that the foot plates have been welded on poles at perfect right angle 

and by the way ....some photos may look 'not straight'......just the way their taken....assume everything is square and level and plumb  (which it is)

Also..... if you find that you cant work something out....go to the photos section...(even the completed project photos section),, im'e sure you'll find your answer there

and i'll remind you again......if theres a light switch or a double power point going in your wall.......shove a peice of PVC pipe down the hole while the mortar is still soft.........and if you want to copy us.(the way we have done it)....again, i will show all the power points and lights on this house once again in 'Stage 13' ......the other possibility is that you can 'chase' the cable in later (cut a groove in the wall for the wire).......which is fairly standard practice (see video )


closely look at top of pole and copy

poles cut to shape to carry timber beam

before positioning rsj's...see stage 18..... short bolts need to be welded on the underside

take note...beam 15 1/2 course high

take note....beam 14 course high

take note of difference

note...internal beam 15 1/2 course high

note.....arrow top of RSJs

note...siNgle course CONTINUES directly above RSJ

bedroom 2 bottom floor

bedroom 2 bottom floor

bedroom 2...bottom floor

top floor

lintel on outside blocks...shown here over glass blocks

upstairs dining

guest bedroom

guest bedroom

sun room