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 You may not have completely finished the blockwork, and you may have to change the odd section, or even dismantle some blockwork........but thats ok...just part of learning 

But lets assume that your doing well with the blockwork..........the next thing on the list is rendering the inside walls as you progress along each wall


What i would tend to do, is render the inside walls immediately after i had laid them, (a day after that is) while i still had the scaffofd there ........or render the lower walls (for convenience)

The finish is not so important, because all walls, including plasterboard, will be 'set' at a later date (i'll get into that later) which provides a lovely smooth finish....but we need to cement render first, especially if you are a beginner blocklayer.... ha!

However it is important for the surface to be screeded properly....we dont want protruding or sunken bits of render....the surface must be straight and plumb......including the corner beads

where there are corners present you will need to nail (or glue) a bead on the blocks (with a magnetic concete nail punch or glue), and you will find, you will be screeding off the beads, which will tend to make it partially easier......if your using concrete nails....nail into the mortar joints, if possible

I tendered to just use ordinary mortar, that i used for the blockwork...for the plaster ( cheaper....but just as good).......or your welcome to use the Bunnings Roc cote grey render product....and remember, start in an obscure area first, til you get good at it

Use a 6ft or longer screed board....the longer the better (aluminium sharp-edged screed board works best)

If your uncertain about your ability to screed the walls properly....(like a proffesional does) you can flatten out a corner bead and nail it on to the blockwork you are about to render (like you see in the picture below..and of course remove it once youv'e finished screeding) or nail a 10mm thick strip of timber the same way.....and screed off them ....if you have a long wall to do....but timber is not as good to keep straight, if your blockwork is wobly looking............however this one bead can be used multiple times......

perhaps you can buy a screed today as iv'e mentioned below??....maybe?

and also your more likely to have the render fall off the walls if you trowel it too practise minimal trowelling

 However, .....if you have any questions, they should be answered by the vids below......or similar youtube vids


internal render will be grey render because you will use grey cement....brickwork mortor on windows will be light yellow..because you will use white cement

cut-outs on kitchen pole

cut-outs for box's in masonary

downstairs..... red into the walls for plumbing

bad photo...ha!...pier is plumb

outdoor dining area rsJ

central rsj

taught labourer welding

double garage

welding other side of rsj

garage door glulam beam

front entry

front entry lam beam