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We are about to do the gyprock ceilings downstairs, (before the electrics and possibly before plumbing) but consider what we did here......considering the akward areas......and the scaffolding you need to build, particularly very high spots (in the first picture below)

As regards the gyprock, and also finishing.........  the particularly high spots ,try and get as much completed as possible......even to the painting...if you can....its quite a rigmorol setting that scaffold up again...especialy around the entrance void....

The wall below (on the first picture) where it says 'cornice glued...complete and painted' has been plastered and 'set'.....but i'll show you how to 'set' a little further on (stage 16).....then painted

Also 2 down, you will see 2 videos on gyprocking ceilings, and also a video on cornice settings to help you, and 1 more

Only do the downstairs ceilings at this stage, apart from, mayby, the main upstairs lounge ceiling........ making sure the upstairs lounge ceiling has all the appropriate wiring( for the lights) in it, (and holes of course....for your light fittings)

Of course....all plumbing and electrics will be done prior to gyprocking walls and upstairs ceilings

complete high stuff as you go

should you have missed a power point or switch

gyprock bottom of upstairs lounge ceiling

dont forget to pull your light wires exposed

entryway gyprock....with 16mm particleboard shown

another vid.....have a look


downstairs lounge (walls.... meaning 'setting')

bedroom 2 downstairs

Guest bedroom balcony

under balcony.....put vents, here and there for air movement....but before this section is done the top deck will need to be sealed and tiled

main bedroom shower & toilet..& blueish shower Vilaboard

main bedroom entry

main bedroom spa

gyprock flush with electrics first

downstairs down correct side of wall

soldering copper pipes

gas and water supply from main road

insulation....upstair floor cavities only